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HLCS is a national and international integrated FIRM with presence in the major economies of the world, so we understand the complexities of tax in today’s global economic climate.

At HLCS we know how important corporate taxation is, and we use our diverse range of specialist expertise to help resolve our ESTEEMED clients’ tax issues.

We provide both local and global tax advice to a varied client-base. We work with global public interest entities and also with local companies. So wherever you are located, we will support you with local and global advice.

You can count on our tax experts for advice on tax compliance and tax advisory services.

Our services include:

  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Corporate Taxation (Companies Income Tax, Tertiary Education Tax, Capital Gains, Petroleum Profits Tax, NITDL, Stamp Duties, Pre-Operational Levy)
  • Monthly Transactional Tax Services (PAYE, VAT, WHT,)
  • Tax Services for Non-Residents, Members of the Armed Forces, Nigerian Foreign Service
  • Personal Income Tax Service (Direct Assessment for Corporate Executives/Directors)

The HLCS team has an in-depth KNOWLEDGE of the industries in which our esteemed clients operate and appreciate the matters currently affecting corporate directors and shareholders. We provide proactive advisement, looking at tax matters arising from all perspectives. As businesses grow, so do liabilities on tax. HLCS provides a broad gamut of tax services for EACH stage of a company’s lifecycle.

We know that all businesses are different. Our team has the technical know-how to provide different services and offer tailored and discreet tax preparations when the need arises.

Other Corporate Services we undertake:

  • Global challenges with our global tax know-how
  • Starting and Dissolution of business, mergers, Business launch, management acquisition and business exit arrangement
  • Property and Development
  • Business planning and due diligence
  • Patent box
  • Compliance and Contribution for Pensions, NSITF, ITF, DPR, BPP, Local Content, NOSDRA, et al.
  • Business partnership/profit allotment
  • Corporate venturing/sole proprietorship
  • Business incorporation and regularization with CAC.
  • Corporate tax self-assessment/Direct Assessment/e-TCC card
  • Tax planning for VAT, WHT, PAYE